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Web Design
Maintaining your website for search engines.

If third party search engines deem the content of your website as valuable, your website has a better opportunity of obtaining a higher listing on search results. We are offering a few ways to update your site to continually receive attention from these search engines.

Search engines reward web sites for updating often.
When determining the ranking of a particular website, search engines use algorithms. These algorithms respond positively to a website that is often being updated. If a website is not being updated, the search engine will classify the content of the website as irrelevant to others.  The reason for this is because inactive sites will never have anything new to offer users. 

Fresh or updated content can initiate the return of visitors.
If a search engine does not register that a website has relevant content, then why would a visitor? Search engine crawlers (often referred to as bots) see new content as reasons to return to your site. If there is no new or updated content to be found, a visitor is unlikely to return. However, if a customer expects an element on the site to change, they have a reason to revisit the site. Fresh content also adds credibility to your website, which may encourage visitors to buy from you.

Adding internal links can promote increased traffic by providing avenues to more relevant or specific content on a website.
Search engines also notice when internal links are added to your website. Properly using internal links helps crawlers/bots to fully navigate your website and locate all of its pages. This helps them see the connection between the keywords or phrases you have chosen to use and the content of your site, thus adding credibility.

Search engines have changed the way keywords are viewed, and refining your list will benefit your website’s ranking.
Changes in SEO trends have changed the way that keywords are used. Previously the more keywords a website contained caused it to receive a higher ranking. This resulted in a large amount of keyword stuffing. As a result, users were unsatisfied because websites with poor content were receiving higher rankings than websites with updated and relevant content. It is now important to use only the keywords and phrases that best describe your website.    

Structure a specific landing page for mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets.
An easy way to update your site is to add a page for mobile devices. The software systems used to read, index, and store subject data from each relative website are referred to as bots/crawlers. Specific bots/crawlers are required for mobile sites because they are indexed differently than standard sites. While the number of websites in the mobile index is growing rapidly, it still has less competition than the primary index. This gives your website a better opportunity to be viewed.