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The Effective Game Plan: Brand
Brand is a factor that every business has in common. While it might differ from one company to another, brand strategy is a topic that every company must address and decide to employ at some point during the life of the business.

Ask tough questions about your business.

(1) What is your mission? What do you hope to accomplish with your business?

(2) What do you want your customer to think of when they think of you?

(3) What is your current reputation?

(4) What are your benefits? What makes you different?

Once you have formulated the brand you want, it is time to come up with a strategy. You will need to get your new brand out into the public eye, and here are a few ideas to get you started:

The right logo can speak volumes about your business. Allow your logo to represent the message you want your brand to send.

The perfect tagline will stick in your customers mind long after they stopped reading it. You want a few words or a short sentence that can tell everyone what you want them to know. Allow it to define your brand for you.

You have a brand, use it. Infuse your brand into everything you do at your business, everything from the signature you use in your email to the way you answer your phone.

While change might be good, in general it is how consistent your look remains that will stick in someone’s mind. This could be the colors that are used on the product packaging or website, the overall look and feel, or even how you place your logo on the product.

Stay on Track
If you stray from your brand’s promise, that sparkling appearance you had will start to fade. Although it might need to be tweaked as time goes on, don’t allow yourself to go completely off course. After all, that is how your customer recognizes you.