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Brand Strategy
Pointing You in the Right Direction
Brand is more than a logo and a corporate color scheme. While the corporate mark, color palette, style guideline, website, and other outlets used to express the visual identity are important, the words written, the things said and the vision that drives the employees of a company are the code by which the brand lives.

There is no greater task in marketing a small business than determining a solid brand strategy for an existing company. The steps necessary to rebrand are much more difficult than developing a brand for a a new venture. The first time around, you have the luxury of a blank slate; there is no heritage or equity in the market to risk betraying, no clients or vendor partners to risk alienating, no closet full of business cards, brochures and promotional pieces to risk wasting.

For these reasons and more, rebrand processes— or even the septs involved in refreshing an existing brand — tends to be a very delicate and need to be handled carefully to ensure that the project is successful and that the new brand objectives are met.

Brand Strategy
Brand strategy is best defined as a plan for the systematic development of a brand to enable it to meet its agreed objectives. The strategy should be derived from the brand's vision and driven by the principles of differentiation and sustained consumer appeal. The brand strategy should influence the total operation of a business to ensure consistent brand behaviors and brand experiences.

Marc Taylor Creative works with small businesses to help figure out the true essense of their business and their true audience. The core of their message should be what sets them apart from their competition. We assist entrepreneurs in learning how to differentiate themselves in ways that will be meaningful to their core market.

Most importantly, we show business owners how to apply the elements of their brand across all their marketing and sales initiatives.