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Marc Taylor Creative
Virtual Portfolio Benefits

These virtual case studies are often derivatives from past clients that Marc Taylor Creative has worked with over the span of 22 years.  As we design for our clients, their preferences in style, color, and their current brand identity are considered first. When we create our virtual case studies, we take our framework from existing clients and then work without the constraints of customer preferences. This allows us to use our experience and creative knowledge to produce designs that can generate ideas for new clients working in the same market.

We also design virtual case studies to target new types of industries that Marc Taylor Creative has not yet had the opportunity to offer design assistance. Over the years, certain styles have saturated specific industries. These well designed styles have been beneficial, but they can be stifling to creativity. Too often new or renovated companies feel they have to mimic current style trends. While this allows them to blend into the market, they need a means to stand out. To do so, they must apply creative, original ideas and do so with consistency. Our virtual case studies allow clients to see examples with fresh ideas without the confines of existing companies. 

Often clients have a few items that they elect to have designed while there are other materials that have the potential to benefit their company. In our virtual case studies we display full portfolios. This allows our current and potential clients to see what marketing materials are available and determine what materials will best promote their company.