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Web Glossary
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Landing page

A page designed as a point of entry to help generate sales or subscriptions. Usually connected to a specific marketing campaign.


Artist style in which width is greater than height. (Portrait is opposite.)


A type of banner, 728x90 pixels in size.

Line Spacing

Amount of space between lines of type.


Sometimes called hyperlink. A link is object on the web page. When visitor of a web site click with the mouse on that object then user is taken to another web page where the link is pointing to. Different types of links are: text links, graphic links, java links, form links and some other which are not very important.

Link Exchanges

Find Web sites with similar interests to yours. Look for sites with similar customer demographics that do not compete directly with you. Offer them to put a link on your Web site in exchange for a link on their Web site. If they agree, that's a link exchange.

Link popularity

The number of Web sites which link to a particular site. Most search engines use link popularity as a factor in determining the search engine ranking of a Web site.


Intel-processor-based operating system developed as an alternative to Unix. It is currently used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.