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Web Glossary
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A single display of an advertisement. 100 displays equal 100 impressions. Impressions are usually sold in lots of 1 thousand.

Incentives site

A web site that gives some kind of reward for visitors who click on a link or fill out a form on an advertising partners site. Be very careful in using incentives sites to promote your products as they can generate a lot of garbage traffic and wasted advertising dollars.


The largest global network connecting millions of computers. It is strictly based on TCP/IP protocol for communication between host and server.


A private network belonging to an organization, usually a corporation, accessible only by the organization's members, employees, or others with authorization.

IP (Internet Protocol) address

When you get on the Web, your computer is assigned an IP address. This is a number that looks like These numbers belong to a host name, for example AOL or your local ISP or company where you work (if they have their own server). If you access the Internet via a dial-up service, your service provider assigns you a different temporary IP address every time you log on. If you access the Web via cable modem or DSL, your IP address remains static - it is always the same one.

ISP (Internet Service Provider)/Web host

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. It is the company that provides you access to the Internet. Some ISPs provide only dial-up access. This means that your modem can dial the ISP's phone number, which gets you on the Net, so that you can surf the Web and get e-mail. Other companies provide only Web hosting services. Basically, a Web host rents you space on a computer that has 24 hour access to the Internet. You ftp your Web site onto their computer. Some companies, of course, provide both dial-up access and Web hosting services.