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Web Glossary
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At the top of a page, the margin.

Heading tags

A paragraph style that is displayed in a large, bold typeface. Having text containing keywords in the Heading Tags can improve the search engine ranking of a page for those keywords.


Hit is a flexible term. It can be used to describe a person visiting a site, or the number of requests to a server for an item of information - a page, an image. Each web page is made up of a number of items, so one visitor requesting a page will generate a number of hits as all the elements are loaded. It's very important that you ensure the person who uses the term to clarify what they mean by "hit". If you're wanting to advertise on a site, they may entice you by saying that the site gets, for example, 300,000 hits a month - this may only translate into 1,000 unique visitors.

Home Page

It is a first page (also called opening page) of a Web site.


Hosting is a service provided by hosting company. That's a place (a computer available on the Internet) where web site is stored and made available to web site users to view the content of that web site.

HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language)

Hypertext Mark-up Language. The coding language to create hypertext documents (HTML files) on the Web (Web pages). With HTML, you can "mark up" text (like old-fashioned typesetting code) by placing formatting commands ("tags") around it that tell the browser software how to format it for display. For example, HTML uses tags like <h1> and </h1> to structure text into headings, paragraphs, lists, hypertext links and more.


The underlined words or phrases you click on in Web documents to jump to another screen or page. Hyperlinks contain HTML-coded references that point to other Web pages, which your browser then jumps to.