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Web Glossary
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Frequently Asked Questions. This efficient type of customer support takes advantage of the Net's "24 hr. X 7 days/week" nature.


A Web-based animation application that transforms Web pages into a swirl of action, colors, and excitement. Without broadband access, this involves a long loading time (and the potential loss of visitors who are unwilling to wait). As well, a Flash application means no content for Search Engines spiders to crawl and rank (which means that you can't take advantage of free Search Engine traffic).


The style and size of text.


A forum is a "meeting place" on a Web site where you go to ask and answer questions and to share information. Moderated or not, they function very much like newsgroups. Moderated ones work best, since spam and flames get weeded out.

Frequency cap

Limit on the number of times a single visitor see a certain advertisement, or the number of times an ad is generally served.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

File Transfer Protocol. An Internet standard for uploading and downloading files over the Internet. FTP utilities are used to transfer Web pages and other files from your hard drive to a remote Web server.