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Web Glossary
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E-Commerce means conducting business on the Internet. It is mostly referred to buying and selling items on line.

Electronic Publishing

(1) Publishing by printing with device, such as a photocopy machine or ink jet printer, driven by a computer that can change the image instantly from one copy to the next. (2) Publishing via output on fax, computer bulletin board or other electronic medium, as compared to output on paper.

E-mail Publications

There are several kinds of publications that are e-mailed to customers: E-zines - the equivalent of an electronic magazine. Collection of articles of varying originality are e-mailed on a regular basis to subscribers. Newsletters - same as e-zines. Moderated mailing lists - joining one of these enables you to post to the list. If the moderator accepts the posting as relevant and valuable to the readership, it gets mailed to everyone in the next issue, either in digest format (all the postings in a single e-mailing, the best way to receive it), or one by one as they are accepted (too bothersome).


A way of coding the information in a file or e-mail message so that if it is intercepted by a third party as it travels over a network it cannot be read. Only the persons sending and receiving the information have the key and this makes it unreadable to anyone except those persons (your browser does it automatically).


A rather impersonal way to describe people who visit your site or view an advertisement.