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Print Glossary
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The numbering of individual pages in a multi-page document.


A hard finished paper that emulates animal skin used for documents, such as awards, that require writing by hand.

Parent Sheet

A sheet that is larger than the cut stock of the same paper.

Perfect Binding

A binding process where the signatures of a book are held together by a flexible adhesive.

Perfecting press

A printing press that prints on both sides of a sheet in a single pass through the press.


A typesetting unit of measurement equaling 1/6th of an inch.


An occurrence in printing whereby the tack of ink pulls fibers or coating off the paper surface, leaving spots on the printed surface.

Plastic Comb

A method of binding books whereby holes are drilled on the spine, and a plastic grasping device is inserted to hold the pages together.


The abbreviation of the Pantone Color Matching System.


A measurement unit equal to 1/72 of an inch. 12 points to a pica, 72 points to an inch.


A tradename of Adobe Systems, Inc. for its page description language. This language translates a digital file from an application into a language a compatible printer or other device can use to create its output.


Pages per inch or pixels per inch.


Any paper that is considered better than grade #1 by its manufacturer.


Self-adhesive paper covered by a backing sheet.

Process Printing

A system where a color image is separated into different color values (cyan, magenta, yellow and black or CMYK) by the use of filters and screens and then transferred to printing plates and printed on a printing press, reproducing the original color image.

Progressive Proofs

Any proofs made from the separate colors of a multi-color printing project.