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Brand Glossary
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The unfilled air space at the top of a package, which in the case of bottled liquids, is essential to allow expansion of the contents as temperatures change.

Ultra Premium Brand

A brand respected as being exclusive, elite and/or otherwise catering to a wealthy clientele.

Ultra Value Brand

A brand that leverages a reduced price point as its point of difference.

Umbrella Brand

An overarching brand used across multiple related products. Umbrella brand focus is also known as family brand. It contrasts with individual product brand, in which each product in a portfolio is given a unique brand name and identity.

Unique Selling Proposition

Particular quality, feature or other tangible benefit of an offering which a competitor's product, although similar, cannot, does not or will not offer; commonly referred to as USP.

Up Market

A brand developed to appeal to affluent consumers.


The ability of an offering to satisfy a consumer need.